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Reliable technology for maximum yield


Wachsende Werte (Growing Value) is the first Austrian trading company to sell state-of-the-art high-tech blockchain processing equipment.  Blockchain, which stands for secure transactions of records, is the cutting-edge technology which allows cryptocurrencies to exist. This is the only technology that manages cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium etc. and provides the infrastructure of innumerable secure applications. The mining equipment provided by Wachsende Werte ​​is installed and maintained by our engineering partners to maximize mining results for you, our Lease-Partners. Due to their proprietary algorithms and applications our miners have historically generated above average yields which are reflected in the monthly distributions paid to our lease-partners.

Blockchain fundamentally changes the way value is exchanged and secured by removing the middleman from transactions and creating a democratized and decentralized peer to peer transaction matrix.

This is done by using peer-to-peer networks to create digitized, decentralized, public and/or private databases of transactions by recording/adding new transactions as line entries to millions of encrypted shared ledgers in chronological order.

The peer-to-peer network verifies the authenticity of the ledger instead of a single centralized authority. This decentralized method of record-keeping increases accountability, transparency and security, all of which engenders trust among parties.

The Blockchain division drives revenue by using proprietary technology to verify digital currency transactions for which a service fee is received. (See history of lease-partner distributions)


Reliable technology for maximum yield

Your mining hardware(Miners), consists of specialized computers built with Lighting fast computing power! Miners, (the computing equipment) are placed into production with Scriptmining E.V., our mining engineers. Placing this technology with their mining firm will maximize your Miners efficiency and by extension accelerate your cash flow potential and your Miners profits!

With our Cryptocurrency Miners, you have the potential for much higher monthly distributions and a short Buy Back period (Two-year Equipment Buy Back by our Mining firm), making the mining of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins what they are today, the digital currency of the future.

The transactions are decentralized and thus independent of banks and governments.

With usage, the value of cryptocurrencies increases year by year.

WW Miner

WW miners are specially designed for continuous operation to mine cryptocurrency. Conventional hardware is not designed for continuous operation. Unnecessary components have been removed to minimize sources of error while increasing the mining yield. The combination of hardware and software gives our customers high distributions on the purchase of WW Miners.

At present, the default rate is between 1-2% within two years. Should you be affected, the hardware will be replaced by Waschende Werte Warranty free of charge.

Why Wachsende Werte?

We are one of the top mining companies in this sector because we have optimized the efficiency of blockchain transaction verification through the development of proprietary software and hardware applications. This is what separates us from our competitors. With our many years of experience in the industry, (See core Team) we understand the concerns regarding blockchain / cryptocurrency and will advise you on the right system of miners (equipment) to maximize the yield on your equipment purchase.

Mining verses currency trading:
Mining, by its nature does not have the risks associated with the trading of crypto-currencies.
The distribution to Lease-Partners of miners is determined by blockchain validation of the transactions that go into de-centralized ledgers on every node (Computer) on the network. For every one of these blockchain validations a fee is earned. It is WW’s expertise and consistent success month after month that have delivered superior distributions to our lease-partners.
Trading crypto-currencies in the currency market place can be extremely profitable but has huge risks. You are at the whim of the open market place where speculation drives the large gains and losses.

Core Team

Markus Kiessenhofer

Markus Kiessenhofer

CTO, MA Technical Physics

Mag Dietmar Jowanka

Mag Dietmar Jowanka

CFO, MA Finance, MA Theology

Mark Stummer

Mark Stummer


Tiziano Bartot

Tiziano Bartot

Project Development

Dr. Stefan Schauberger

Dr. Stefan Schauberger

Doctor of Experimental Physics, Head of R &D

Dr. Richard Wolhofen

Dr. Richard Wolhofen

Dr Technical Physics Professor, Kepler University


Below please find the monthly financial distributions for our lease-partners for 2017.
Past performance is presented as a historic benchmark and does not guarantee future results.

2017 Accumulated Production of WW Miners
based on €100,000 (Euro) equipment purchased.

The example above is based on a One Hundred Thousand Euro purchase of miners (equipment) made in December 2016.


Earnings of WW-Miner 2017

The two graphs above show the return in Euro’s (First graph) verses Bitcoins (Second graph) for the year 2017.


Earnings of WW-Miner 2017

Twenty-five percent of gross earnings less electricity costs is paid to our Lease-Partners for the two-year lease term.  Lease-Partners will receive an additional forty percent of gross revenue less electricity costs as a Preferred Buy-back until one hundred percent of the initial purchase price of the miners is recouped. Twenty-five percent is paid out immediately starting month one after installation of the miners and forty percent accrues until the mining equipment purchase is recouped. At the time of recoupment, the full purchase price of the mining computers is paid back to our Lease-Partners. Last year per the first graph our Lease-Partners recouped their initial purchase of the miners on month ten while receiving the twenty five percent of gross earnings less electricity costs for those same ten months. The second graph shows the preferred buy back from February 2017 to February 2018 in Fiat currency equivalency  unrelated to the fluctuations in Bitcoin values. All lease agreements are twenty-four months in term. In the graphs above the Lease Partner will receive twenty-five percent of gross earnings less electricity costs for the balance of the lease term after the return of the initial purchase of the miners.

Historical returns do not guarantee future results.


After evaluating the risks and deciding to purchase insured mining equipment with Wachsende Werte it is very easy to understand the flow of funds from and to our Lease-Partners.

After completing and submitting the necessary agreements Euros or Swiss Francs are transferred to the Wachsende Werte bank account in Switzerland for the number of mining machines desired at a rate of 4500 Euros per machine. These funds are used to purchase the high-speed mining computers for you, our Lease-Partners.

Lease-Partners then joins a club called Scryptmining

Lease-Partners then lease the mining computers for two years to Scryptmining.

Scryptmining will host and manage your miners in their mining farm overseen by Dr. Stephan Schauberger, Doctor of experimental physics and his team. The mining farm is simply a linked cluster of mining computers optimized to work together and solve data management issues related to cryptocurrencies. Fees are received by the mining farm for resolving these data issues.



Lease-Partners receive a preferred buy-back of sixty-five percent (65%) of the gross earnings less electricity costs paid as a lease fee until a full recoupment of the initial purchase of the miners has been attained. After our Lease-Partners are made whole on their initial purchase of the miners Lease-Partners will receive twenty-five percent of gross earning less electricity costs for the remainder of the two-year lease term.

These payments are made to our Lease-Partners between the fifth and tenth of every calendar month for the previous months performance.

Lease Fee payments are made in Bitcoins to our Lease-Partners wallets.

(At special request and not based on any contractual agreement with Wachsende Werte the client may seek help from his sales rep to exchange the BTC profit to USD, EUROs or GOLD)

Historically distributions to our Lease-Partners for the leasing of their miners to Scryptmining has been equivalent to 1% to 2% per week based on the initial purchase price of the miners.

When the terms of the lease agreement have been met Scryptmining returns the initial purchase price of the miners back to the Lease-Partners, repurchasing the mining computers and the agreement ends.

When the Lease Partner wants to continue, a new agreement is executed for the purchasing and leasing of the new miners and the two-year lease begins again.

Start Mining



WW – Miners:

Cost per miner 4500 Euros

Minimum Purchase four miners 18,000 Euros

Purchase price ten miners 44,000 Euro


53 miners per container

Purchase Price: 226,575 Euros

WW -Mining-Farm: Five Million Euros

A WW-Mining-Farm is a selection of different miner types that will be purchased on behalf of the customer. The final amount will be determined by our technical team.

The farm will contain about 1.200 devices.

A WW-Mining-Farm lives on its own ecosystem and is fully individually treated and serviced.


  • Installation time: within 3 months after ordering the respective batch
  • and payment; size of the batch
  • Still to be negotiated
  • Distribution start: immediately after installation
  • Earnings Payment Interval: Daily
  • Daily Earnings Distribution: 70% ClientPayment Format: depending on the miner type (e.g.: BTC, LTC, ETH…)
    Alternative: monthly in BTC to the wallet

WW – Mining-Farm: Ten Million Euros

A WW-Mining-Farm is a selection of different miner types that will be purchased on behalf of the customer. The final amount will be determined by our technical team.

The farm will contain about 2.400 devices.

A WW-Mining-Farm lives on its own ecosystem and is fully individually treated and serviced.


  • Installation time: within 3 months after ordering the respective batch
  • and payment; size of the batch
  • Still to be negotiated
  • Distribution start: immediately after installation
  • Earnings Payment Interval: Daily
  • Daily Earnings Distribution: 72% Client
  • Payment Format: depending on the miner type (e.g.: BTC, LTC, ETH)
    Alternative: monthly in BTC to the wallet


Please fill out and execute all of the following documents. Your sales representative can assist you and answer all of your questions.


“Competent and trustworthy staff and highly personalized customer service were key to my purchase,
thank you very much”

Claudia S. – Entrepreneur

Claudia S. – Entrepreneur

“WW is simply the best! Very professional representation, convincing argument and an amazing tech team.” Thank you for everything”

Jon Swardstrom – Entrepreneur

Jon Swardstrom  – Entrepreneur

“I bought at WW Miner to build a passive income and this is possible because WW is not multilevel marketing or anything like that .. A very solid company with a great customer service.”

Mag. Sabine S – Head of House Of Shiatsu

Mag. Sabine S – Head of House Of Shiatsu

“Above all I was convinced by the support of Wachsende Werte It is very difficult to get professional advice in the new scene as a layman The WW team consists of technicians and financial experts, this combination convinced me.”

Susanne H – Customer

Susanne H – Customer

“WW makes the entry into a complex matter very easy and lucrative. With Austrian headquarters and two physics directors, the company is on solid footing.”

Alfred M – Customer

Alfred M – Customer


Frequently asked questions from our customers


What happens if my purchased hardware is broken?
The hardware has a two-year warranty.
Is the hardware insured?
Yes, every container including all included hardware is insured against any environmental impact, theft, or the like.
Is a visit to the mining farms possible?
Yes, a visit is possible by appointment. In addition, for technical reasons, a declaration of disclaimer by the customer is required.
How do I secure my cryptocurrencies?
Growing Value ​​recommends a hardware wallet. There are currently two trusted providers in the market:

Ledger Wallet: www.ledgerwallet.com

Trezor Wallet: www.trezor.io

Attention:  Growing Value ​​assumes no liability for the cryptocurrencies on your hardware wallet. This is each a recommendation.

Can I have the purchased hardware delivered to my home?
Not in the first year as Growing Value ​​only sells the hardware in combination with a hosting contract.
What is the Hashrate of the Growing Value Miners?
Since the market is very fast-paced, we can gladly send you the specifications for inquiries. Basically, it is very difficult to call an exact hashrate here, because the switching system X3 constantly changes the coin. On the start page there are examples of mining revenues from different devices. Take this as a guideline of the effectiveness of Growing Value Miners.
What cryptocurrency do I get on the wallet?
The Switching System X3 allows up to 600 different coins to be mined. It exchanges the coins in Bitcoin and your hosting partner transfers them to your wallet.
Can I decide for myself which crypto currency is mined?
No, as your device is operated together with various other devices.
How can I buy Growing Value Miners?
Make an inquiry quickly and easily on our website. You will receive an e-mail with the required forms for the purchase of Growing Value ​Miners.


Please note

The processing, the service and the hosting are done by our partner companies.

Growing Value ​​does not guarantee or warrant the production of a certain number of Ethercoins or Bitcoins, a specific conversion rate, or the achievement of a particular return. Growing value ​​only provides the customer with the hardware for mining cryptocurrencies with the purchased computing power.

The Growing Value ​​recommends that each person research the subject of cryptocurrencies and mining, we are happy to help with any questions. Furthermore, it is recommended to track profit calculations yourself and to keep them under constant review.

Please note that past developments do not guarantee future results.


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